There's a new sound in the music industry and it's a young talent who has made her mark in Eastern Europe. Adelly is shaking things up in the world entertainment business with a fresh take on music.

Adelina Jurevicha, better known as Adelly, is an R&B/Pop singer-songwriter born in Latvia, Riga. Music was no stranger to her heritage along with Adelly’s Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Polish background. Since her early years, listening to her mother's (also a musician) lullabies, Adelly showed passion for music as she tried to replicate the tunes. It wasn’t long before she made her first debut on stage, at age 5.

Adelly loves recording sessions in the studio.

“Studio is like music laboratory where the producers and I
create something new, mixing sounds, flavors and colors.

This is where the magic happens!”

Adelly describes her music as mature and real, while being fun and provocative.

 “I write about real life and feelings, struggles and simple moments
that bring happiness.  It’s important for me to keep a true artist
class and relate to my audience”

When it comes to R&B she retains her old-school vibe, and credits many R&B/Soul pioneers such as; Mary J Blige, D'angelo, Michael Jackson, Destiny's Child, Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, James Brown, as her influences. She continuously works with Hip Hop, Reggae, Electronic and experimental music genres and prides on being versatile.

In 2011, Adelly released her successful Russian dance-pop single “Zima”. Zima was played throughout more than a hundred radio stations across Russia and Latvia.

Another notable moment of her aspiring career was in Aug 25th, 2012, where Adelly sang for Lady Gaga at her Born This Way Ball tour in Estonia. The YouTube footage from the backstage session created a huge buzz online and with the press.

“I would never think that I would ever meet such a superstar
that inspires millions of people, and had a chance to sing for her
my rendition of ‘Born This Way’. I had met her in Riga, but
didn’t get a chance to sing for her.

Lady Gaga also asked me if she can use my hairstyle!”


The day after, Lady Gaga was indeed spotted leaving hotel in Tallinn with Adelly’s signature hairstyle. “Universe knew what I wanted and next day after the show I randomly got to Estonia and had an unbelievable chance to get to the backstage again. This meeting was like a fairytale to come true, that inspired me to never stop following my dreams and keep working hard on my music career.”

Adelly received appreciation and blessings from Lady Gaga to become a Latvian princess and a pop star.

The young singer started to work with Latvian producers group DoStudija, and in February 2013 released debut music video for new single ‘You Will Be.’ 

“This record is inspired by past 2 years of my life that was
really difficult time for me. I wrote this song in hopes that
it will inspire people to keep spirit strong, and to never
stop chasing their dreams.”


This song and music video was featured in the Latvian radio stations and Latvian Music TV Channel. Media gave Adelly a status of Latvian R&B Princess. Starting in January 2013, she began to work on big house project with Latvian DJs Tommy U & Tobb Luii and wrote a song called 'Run'.  

“I enjoyed every second of this collaboration. I never worked with house before and it was great experience working with professionals that have right music direction and vision. Hopefully this project is going to build more interest and support for quality house music in Baltics and Europe.” Music video premiere will be launched in 1st of June in one of the best Latvian clubs Coyote Fly.

Adelly has her own fashion style and considered as one of the most fashionable public figures in Latvia.

“Fashion is in my bones and this is how I express another
artistic side of me. I love mixing different styles like  African
ethnic inspired, vintage, grunge and high fashion.”

Recognized for her bright and unique looks she was invited to perform at Riga and London Fashion Week 2013.

Adelly has extensive stage time and experience with live show performances around her country, and abroad; London, USA, Ukraine, Lithuania among others. She has opened for music festivals, concerts, was a Burlesque diva for some time, and performed at automotive drift shows with a huge audience of thousands.

Currently Adelly is staying busy with artistic projects, original songs, and charity. This summer she will graduate from JMRMV music school, where she has been studying Jazz music for 4 years. The academic training cultivated her as a musician, professional singer, and composer. Adelly has already composed several pieces in piano and strings. The young singer mentions impressionism and Claude Debussy as her inspirations for instrumental music composition.

Adelly has plans to perform on big stages and become an A-class artist in the world of music.

“It took me some time to study music, songwriting, live shows and stage presence. I keep developing my whole package to prove that I deserve to be where I want to.”

"There's nothing impossible for me.
My dream has no choice but to come true”



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